Do not let the low temperatures in New York slow your activity. Winter has many funny plans to offer you to enjoy outside, both to do on your own or as a couple. You just need to take warm clothes, take you will to relax and come and enjoy our catalog of AIRE experiences.

Take advantage of the cold days and take care of yourself. We tell you our plan.

Taking care of your skin in winter cod days is equal or even more important than in summer, so you should know how to prepare it for this time of year. In winter our skin suffers: big temperature contrasts, heating, frost, snow … and these things produce dehydration, sensitivity, aging, skin tension, etc.

Hydrate your skin using a good moisturizer. Here at AIRE group we can offer you our cosmetic collection, designed to carry with you the essence of your AIR experience.

Formulated with state-of-the-art specific assets and sublime essential oils, our Botanic Elixir Oil and Botanic Karite Cream will now be your definitive allies to enhance your natural beauty.

With them you will achieve the state in which your skin is perfectly nourished and well cared in a natural way while your mind benefits from the relaxing effects of the most seductive and exquisite aromas that we find in nature.

All our products contain a formulation without dyes, without parabens and without ingredients of animal origin

Eat well, follow a varied and balanced diet and do not forget the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Drink lots of water as it strengthens the structure of the skin and keeps it elastic and hydrated. Water brings many benefits to our body, no need to explain here.

And finally, the best plan for this winter: enjoy one of our AIRE experiences

#Enjoy AIRE also during the cold days, in the heart of New York City