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That very special person deserves the most special of the gifts possible. Here at AIRE Group in New York City we think that every day should be father’s day, because there is only one father to everyone and we will never have the chance to prove enough how much we care about him. Never? Maybe yes! Now you have the chance to get him an AIRE experience, the first gift that lives up to all the love you have for your father.

If your father is a dynamic and very active person, he will love this gift will and he will also have the opportunity to disconnect from modern life stress at our AIRE center in Manhattan, designed to enjoy and relax.

On the other hand if your father is a quiet person, this gift will give him the opportunity to find a spot for meditation and some inner peace, a quality time for the best father in the world.

There are many types of fathers in the world, but here at AIRE we have the best of gifts for all types of fathers on the planet. We all have a father and every father has his own AIRE.

Imagine your dad enjoying and disconnecting from the daily routine with an AIRE experience, a massage, a hot spring circuit or an aromatherapy session. Is there a better gift than the one that consists of quality time to take care of yourself ? Our experiences are: health, relaxation, disconnection and quality of life. Stop thinking and start acting. Take a look to our selection of treatments and therapies, and choose the one that suits your dad.

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