In Ancient Baths New York we understand the condition of exclusive as something that no one else can offer due to for its uniqueness, quality and difference. Such are our experiences: a true gift for all the senses.

If your mind is now investing time looking for a gift that is a really exclusive experience, let yourself be seduced by our wide range of treatments and therapies, conceived as truly special.

It is possible and even likely that you will take into account some other gift options, but we are perfectly aware that what we offer has the true exclusive status of distinction. And it’s not us who are saying but our excellent reviews, as well as the awards received.

For example, let yourself be seduced in a Wine Bath, enjoy the excellent beneficial qualities that grapes have for your skin and relax while experiencing a sensation which is difficult to put into words.

Or enjoy a route through our hot springs in any of our AIRE centers. All our sites around the world have something in common: they are historic buildings rehabilitated with a careful attention to detail to create a truly exclusive experience, a truly gift for perception.

Make yourself an exclusive gift, give yourself some AIRE.

#Exclusive Gifts in New York City