Our present urban life pace is frenetic: work, office, school, home, family, , meetings, deadlines, etc. The city is an enormous hive of people always running everywhere, noise, traffic. This modern life simply goes too fast!

It’s a proven fact that in the city many things happen and almost everything in it has a strong intensity: the energies, the interaction between the people, music, friendship, free time, etc. Everything has a strong urban character which gives us the feeling of feeling alive and connected with the urban mood; but at the same time and without realizing it, the city demands and takes away a lot of vital energy and this results in physical and emotional drop.

Therefore, it is very necessary to perform a disconnection ritual at least once or twice a month, if we want to put our stress counter to zero and renew our vital energy source.

Disconnect in the city is to give yourself a quality time to pamper yourself. Disconnect in the city with AIRE is to make a break on the way to put the senses to rest, to renew your energy flow, to close your eyes and enjoy the experience of contact with water, essences, odors, calm and tranquility of our urban oases.

Do not let the city steal your energy at a higher rate than your body can replace. Come to our AIRE center in New York City and enjoy one of our experiences of disconnection, treatments and therapies, specially designed to renew your vital energy.

Disconnect in the city with AIRE.

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#Disconnecting in the city of New York